Ostrom’s principles

Vincent Ostrom: “Humans overcome social dilemmas by creating institutions for collective action Institutions for collective action that work with common […]

Introduction to Collective Action

Howard pointed to this page: The economic theory of collective action is concerned with the provision of public goods (and […]

Google Code and Open Source

John wrote: “Google Code, a place where Google makes some of its code-innovations back to the open source community. The […]

Two Interviews

Via M2M, Ross blogged the Business Week interview with Howard, said he was “trying to weave some threads out of […]

Cooperation lingual

This is just some keywords from IFTF’s conference last time: synchrony, symbiosis, group selection, catalysis, collective action, collective intelligence, and […]


回报Ross的邀请,链接他对上周会议的描述。里面对Peter Kollock的工作有特别的介绍,不过没有提这位素食先生的满面紫气,是刚刚禅坐两月的结果。

Class in UCLA

Peter Kollock has been teaching this class for years. It all goes back to Axelrod‘s work.

Collective Action

This is what you are here in the Hayes Mansion for. Although missed the game part, but it is a […]