Ambient Opportunity from BobF

“With Ambient Connectivity we define connectivity in terms of relationships, not network paths. These relationships don’t depend upon a central […]

After the Old German Town

Fourteen years has passed since you drove to the Old German Town in pouring rain. Have you expected this?

Wiki profile

A profile for wiki, from Caslon Analytics.

Observation, structure and autonomy

From “Academic Resources : Autopoiesis“: “Systems are structure determined. That is, anything a system does at any moment in time […]

Counterculture and Cyberculture

Fred Turner started his talk with “In 64, computer is symbol of repression. Today, computer is the symbol of liberation.” […]

The Long Tail

Mary shared an old article on Wired (by Chris Anderson) last year. You enjoyed reading it.



The locus of truth on the Web?

From Berkman Center news: “ — the grassroots encyclopedia — has frozen edits to the page about George W. Bush […]