Social bookmarking editorial in Nature

From Smart Mobs: This editorial in Nature asks scientists to “join a social revolution. Your bookmarks make your web life manageable. But we can all benefit by sharing them.Is the big challenge in the Internet era information overload or underload? Those who complain about the former may simply be inadequately organized. Many tools now exist […]

To Invent Politics Anew

In Alain Tourain‘s words: Power used to be in the hands of princes, oligarchies, and ruling elites; it was defined as the capacity to impose one’s will on others, modifying their behavior. This image of power does not fit with our reality any longer. Power is everywhere and nowhere: it is in mass production, in […]

East Bay Nursery, Swarm of Signs and Lefebvre

Back from Minneapolis, reading Lefebvre in the air: If you allow the swarm of signs to flow over you…… and ratify the commentaries that determine their meanings, you will become the passive victim of the situation; but insert a distinction or two – for instance everyday life and modernity – and the situation is changed: […]

Yosemite in time

Time was a “garden of forking paths” (Jorge Luis Borges) : out of every event emerges multiple paths or outcomes. Photography does not record continuums, but moments: it is not the camera but out imaginations that construct narratives out of these moments.

Do-It-Yourself Journalism

Here is Ariana Eunjung Cha wrote on the Washington Post: The explosion of the Internet over the past decade has allowed anyone with an Internet connection to instantaneously publish whatever he or she wants, fueling the growth of “citizen reporters.” Over the past year or so, media companies have been backing citizen journalism efforts like […]

New metric for understanding blog’s influence

From Mary’s Napsterization: A discussion about creating a new metric for understanding blogs is something I think the community should have the chance to participate in to find a different way of perceiving a blog, or the ripples a blog makes. Partly I believe this because of the frustration people express about Google’s secret algorithm […]

Participatory Panopticon

On The WorldChanging, Jamais Cascio wrote: Soon — probably within the next decade, certainly within the next two — we’ll be living in a world where what we see, what we hear, what we experience will be recorded wherever we go. There will be few statements or scenes that will go unnoticed, or unremembered. Our […]