The Chosen Path

Not by chance, but by choice he stands and hers

Difficult Simplicity

“Just as the mindfulness meditator is amazed to discover how mindless he is in daily life, so the first insights […]

《To His Coy Mistress》

Had we but world enough, and time,This coyness, Lady, were no crimeWe would sit down and think which wayTo walk […]

Geneva Music Scale

wonder, transcendence, tenderness, nostalgia, peacefulness, power, joyful activation, tension, and sadness. or Tenderness, Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Passion, Depression, and Anxiousness.


在你里面 我看到了世人看不到的奇迹。 在北方高高的秋天,我居然看到了南方 金色的稻田。 我本是尘世的一粒砂子 你却把我从泥土中高举。 在你里面,我安静下来 再也不惧怕闪电、鬼魂、 生活对我的侮辱。 在你里面,我第一次看清了自己—— 有点羞怯,有点矮小 像一个初生的婴孩。


Rumi: This is love

To fly to heaven, every moment to rend a hundred veils;At first instance, to break away from breath — first […]