Trick or Treat

(Three girls at the door.) “What are you?” “A Minnie Mouse.” “And you?” “A cat, but I lost my ears.”


A while ago, Dee Hock wrote: Leader presumes follower. Follower presumes choice. One who is coerced to the purposes, objectives, […]

The Best of California

From The California Report: From its inviting climate and agricultural bounty to its geographic and cultural diversity, California is many […]

Tag & Catalog

From Drunk Dream: ……Catalog何以未能像Tag那样发挥社会化的效果,引发如此震动的社会现象,两者都有其固有的、内在的原因。 Tag从内容上看,是众所周知的经验和常识,从形式上看,是细化的碎片,这些和Catalog迥然不同的特点,正是Tag之所以发挥了社会化效应的内在合理性,也是Tag成为网络化软件外延必要组成部分之一的根本原因。

Reason and Democracy

How does reason justify itself? ……If we believe in the importance of the universal human impulse to communicate, we have […]

Yahoo in action

From Some 750,000 blogs and other user-generated content will soon show up on Yahoo! (nasdaq: YHOO – news – […]

L’Homme dépaysé


BBC and participatory media

Richard Sambrook explains how participatory media strengthens the BBC’s core values; the BBC’s role shifting from broadcaster and mediator to […]