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Back to downtown New toy in your hand Same gaze upon the ground Music from afar


逃出会场 去诚品 买书看书


归来若流水 飘去有白云

Project Backpack

You are very pleased to hear about this news. (Thanks! Stephan.)




需要很多年才会懂得 重要的不是去 改变世界 而是 生活在世界上

A new approach to web applications

Jesse Garrett wrote on his daptive path: Take a look at Google Suggest. Watch the way the suggested terms update […]

What makes a signal reliable?

You remembered what Judith said: The simple answer is that a reliable signal is one that is beneficial to produce […]

Baby Blue

Reading In the Net, with Wifi, Dylan, and baby blue. “The continued growth and influence of global civil society face […]