“The Economics of Open Content”

Mary is blogging this : “MIT Open Courseware, Intelligent Television is organizing a two-day symposium at MIT on “The Economics […]


你曾经站在 他宣告梦想的地方 从芝加哥来的歌手们 在雨中高唱.


From “Control and Surveillance“: The original Panopticon, proposed by Jeremy Bentham, is an architectural design for a prison which has […]


This word sounds terrible. Joe should come up a better name than this: Joe Trippi likes to open his lectures […]

Clay’s New Class

SOCIAL FACTS: (Thanks, Dave!) Social Facts centers on two questions. The first is, how do groups get anything done? …… […]

Who is Citizen Journalist?

From E-Media Tidbits: “The citizen journalist who owns a digital camera or a camera phone and sends shootings to a […]