This word sounds terrible. Joe should come up a better name than this:

Joe Trippi likes to open his lectures with a question. “How many mociologists are there in the audience?” No one raises a hand. He then asks, “How many of you have got mobile phones?” Every hand goes up. “You’re all mociologists,” Trippi says. “You just don’t know the word yet – just like you didn’t know the word ‘blog’ five years ago.

“Mociology refers to how mobile and wireless technology has changed the way we do things: downloading music on to a mobile phone, for example, or getting the football scores texted through on a Saturday afternoon. To Trippi, however, its potential lies in how it can be used for political purposes – just as he saw and exploited the possibilities of blogs for political campaigning while running Howard Dean’s unsuccessful bid for the 2004 Democratic presidential nomination.