Fresh fish service

Customers (most of them) from China Workers (some of them) from Mexico

An ambitious title

and an inspiring talk: How Social Production Transforms Markets and Freedom

The Future of Information

Signal?-Data?-Information?-Knowledge? Whatever, it is the I School now. Listen to the kick off penal here.

Specific concrete actions

Shanthi and Taylor wrote: “The issue of the Internet’s impact on authoritarian regimes is a subset of the larger question […]

The power of rules

Rules are, first of all, constitutive expressions. They (often implicitly) tell us what exists, in what measure, and in what […]

Of course, he takes a critical stance.

From SignandSight: (Thanks Howard!) “Use of the Internet has both broadened and fragmented the contexts of communication. This is why […]

夜 – 屈子

…… 出不入兮往不反 平原忽兮路超远 带长剑兮挟秦弓 首身离兮心不惩 诚既勇兮又以武 终刚强兮不可陵 身既死兮神以灵 魂魄毅兮为鬼雄 ……..

More is different

How does individual opinion aggregate to collective public opinion on the Net?


土尔其咖啡 四周散落着陌生的语言 你感到安全 舒适