听到这个词许多次了,在CITRIS的会上听到Douglas Engelbart的介绍,才知道他的研究所名字就是”Bootstrapping”。

Luncheon Talk

During the lunch at CITRIS, you had a conversation with Ruzena and her friend from HP about the chips. He […]


Has anyone really believed her/his individual psychology could be somehow divorced from history? Tonight’s play has made it so clear, […]




费斯克的《关键概念》远远不是一本“词典”,其多层相关,应和参照的文本提供的是一种复调,有机,开放的阅读经验。 … … 一方是符号(或符号系统),一方是指涉之现实(referential reality),两方之间的关系就是“signification。”(被翻译成”意指“,甚不清晰。)

The Anathema

“This idea that the brain might be assembled in much the same way as the rest of the body—on the […]

The Reichstag

Christo and Jeanne-Claude rapped the Reichstag on June 23, 1995. You were there seven years later, quietly entering those sober […]

Augment Reality

How many efforts are there to mingle virtual and physical worlds? Media linked to location, adding information and communication to […]

The Fog of War

Still digesting the event of last week: McNamara in Berkeley. When all is said and done, only the voice of […]


在Peets的外面久坐 重读《神话结构》 阳光暖暖地斜射下来 照在脸上 蓝色贝雷帽的女子 怀抱着吉他轻唱 (十五年前,电报街头 也是这样的阳光)