From the air

(忘记票据,谈起罗马。) 记忆是染色的镜片,比如曼谷,比如罗马,还有你-七座清真寺的城市。

Web 1.0 syllabus

From Prof. McCormick’s class: The central question for this course is if or how the Internet changes the politics of […]

Inside and Outside

“Inside and outside are inseparable. The world is wholly inside and I am wholly outside of myself.”

The point of Panopticon

The point of Panopticon is to train individuals to see themselves as being seen. “He who is subjected to a […]

Derrida is wrong

Death is NOT only a word. An infinite life would lack the sense for what matters

Breaking away from the page metaphor

Bryan Alexander wrote: Rather than following the notion of the Web as book, they are predicated on microcontent. Blogs are […]


“A person engaged in networking is not a roaming nomad, but someone who keeps a home base. ” – Jan […]