Ambient Opportunity from BobF

“With Ambient Connectivity we define connectivity in terms of relationships, not network paths. These relationships don’t depend upon a central authority, a physical path (such as a wire) or a dedicated “frequency” — they are independent of such mechanisms! We can use any medium and any path to exchange packets. ”

From BobF, via: Ken.

“—we have met the enemy and it is complexity. Simplicity is the result of effective systems architecture rather than limiting capabilities.

It’s difficult enough to write about technical topics, I find it’s even more difficult to write about social issues there are so many implicit assumptions. This is especially true for politics and next week’s presidential election. George Lakoff has written about this problem. It helps me understand a shockingly incurious administration that doesn’t admit to mistakes let alone learn from them. How can such an administration understand a world redefined by the end-to-end concepts? How does one deal with the idea that the bits on the Internet have no intrinsic meaning to people who see morality as fundamental? The point of science is that one must challenge ones assumptions and continue to refine ones understanding. It is a way of looking at ideas that is very threatening to those who seek only to reinforce preexisting assumptions. ”