Google Code and Open Source

John wrote: “Google Code, a place where Google makes some of its code-innovations back to the open source community. The site went live today with four developer tools, which are way beyond my ability to grok. Chris told me that Google had been planning to do this for some time down, and that this is not a response to recent postings complaining that Google only takes from the OSS community. On the other hand, surely this move will be welcomed.”

Still remember what’s behind the Google Pagerank?

Reading at the Claremont Cafe, Steve asked these questions about the open source process:

* Who are the people who write open source code?

* What do these people do exactly?

* How do they collaborate with each other?

* How do they resolve disagreements and deal with conflict?

Open Source is “about property and how it underpins the social organization of cooperation and production in a digital era,” he said.