Lessig on Google Print

From the Wired: (Thanks, Dave!)

A decision will be made this November that may well change the Internet as we know it. Not in a technical sense – the threats there are many and are yet to be resolved. I’m talking about change in a business sense – meaning what business models will work on the Internet.

Google must decide how it will handle the battle over its latest great idea: Google Print. Last December­ the com­pany announced it would Googlize 15 million books. For works under copyright, a search would produce snippets around the search term used. But for books in the public domain, a search would also yield access to the full text of the works. Almost 90 percent of the books Google might scan are out of print. The project promises to ­radi­cally enhance our access to the past – to remind us of forgotten information. It is the great­est gift to knowledge since, well, Google