Brother Antonio

After hearing a question about Gramsci and Three-Represents, you could not help but thinking of the word “Hegemony.”

Here is what’s on Wikipedia under “Gramsci” about Hegemony:

Capitalism, Gramsci suggested, maintained control not just through violence and political and economic coercion, but also ideologically, through a hegemonic culture in which the values of the bourgeoisie became the ‘common sense’ values of all. Thus a consensus culture developed in which people in the working class identified their own good with the good of the bourgeoisie, and helped to maintain the status quo rather than revolting.

Now replacing “Capitalism” with “Socialism with Chinese Characteractics” and “bourgeosie” with “CCP ruling elites”, it is all clear that “Hegemony = Three Represents.”

What would you have had to say, brother Antonio?