Shifting of the power paradigm?

Capra wrote this in his 1996’s book: “the web of life.”

“Power, in the sense of domination over others, is excessive self-assertion. The social structure in which it is exerted most effectively is the hierarchy. Indeed, our political, military, and corporate structures are hierarchically ordered, with men generally occupying the upper levels and women the lower levels. Most of these men, and quite a few women, have come to see their position in the hierarchy as part of their identity, and thus the shift to a different system of values generates existential fear in them. ”

“There is another kind of power – power as influence of others. The ideal structure for exerting this kind of power is not the hierarchy but the network…… The paradigm shift thus includes a shift in social organization from hierarchies to networks. ”

The Net can be a fundamental force to challenge the view of life in society as a competitive struggle for existence, and to resists the “dominator system.” Once again the word here is —- “network.”