This link is from Canada. “To reflect on the core issues of communications, democracy and citizen engagement and to push […]

Dean’s Dismal Campaign

Clay Shirky is commenting on Dean’s dismal, this time essentially questioning the role of social software in this campaign. He […]



Distributed Political Activism

Just came back from the Commonwealth Club, where words such as “agents for social change”, “absence of power”, “critical service […]

The Meatrix

????The Matrix???????????


It’s all started from the article, Dean Connection on NYT Sunday Magazine last weekend, when you saw Howard Rheingold‘s name […]

Dean’s Campaign

“This Dean campaign is modeled by the Internet.” You did not realize what this mean until you went to his […]


三点三十整,六个人都聚齐了 (花园大道,是静悄悄,静悄悄的。)