Collective Action

This is what you are here in the Hayes Mansion for. Although missed the game part, but it is a […]

Freedom of opinion

In 1859, John Stuart Mill explained why freedom of opinion was good for society. “First, if any opinion is compelled […]


Emeryville, 菠菜沙拉,Peter西藏的经历以及新的知识网路。 随意浏览,看到Karen Stephenson的Netform, 以及这本网路组织的书。

Coalitions and networks

Dr. Yang Guobin mentioned this point in his writing about virtual public sphere in Chinese cyberspace: “Weaker parties tend to […]




部落,制度性机构,市场,网路,这是兰德David Ronfeldt对社会组织形式的分类(PDF)。

The Calculus of Political Power

From one Orkut’s community (self-organizing networks) you were introduced to this post by Mitch Ratcliffe.

Shifting of the power paradigm?

Capra wrote this in his 1996’s book: “the web of life.” “Power, in the sense of domination over others, is […]

Power at the Edge

HR mentioned the Reed’s Law several times. Equally worth investigating more is the Dean campaign tools, especially about “the power […]