It’s all started from the article, Dean Connection on NYT Sunday Magazine last weekend, when you saw Howard Rheingold‘s name on it. This leads me to the DeanSpace. It stated its goal as following:

“Howard Dean’s online grassroots campaigners are more savvy, nimble and numerous than those of any other candidate – our wired ranks now number in the hundreds of thousands and continue to grow. We want to keep that growth accelerating and allow the energy generated online to erupt into real-world campaigning.

We don’t think it’s too brazen to say we are experimenting with the future of the democratic process. So far Howard Dean’s grassroots campaign has exhibited decentralized participation working on a true “town hall” model, yet also operating in a nationally connected and coordinated fashion. We are having surprising and extraordinary results.

But we can still do better.

Now, this is eActivism. Blogging is an integral part of it. You also noticed Joe Trippi’s Perfect Storm.