Quantum Poetics and Power

Olson wrote:

“our reality is no longer things,

but what happens between things. ”

In his theory, power is a relation, not a possession. Power is constituted in tactics that insinuate everyday life and that create an overall strategy, but for which there is n overall guiding will, either individual or organizational. Power must not be understood as a battle between two sides or as merely repressive – power is multiple and productive.

power applies to immediate everyday life which categorizes the individual marks him by his own individuality, attaches him to his own identity, impose a law of truth on him which he must recognize and which others have to recognize in him. It is a form of power which makes individuals subjects. There are two meanings of the word subject: subject to someone else by control and dependence, and tied to his own identity by a conscience or self-knowledge. Both meanings suggest a form of power which subjugates and makes subject to.