Keyhole Google Maps

John’s Searchblog: This is cool – and much anticipated. Google has incorporated Keyhole into its mapping application.

P2P again: ‘Podcasting’

Technology News: The phenomenal success of the iPod, of peer-to-peer systems like Napster and its descendants, and of social networking […]

Flocking and Swarming

From Smart Mobs: Blogs of War reports on adavnces in the field of ‘Flocking & Swarming technologies’. “…For the first […]

Agreed left and right

Micah reviewed Hugh Hewitt’s book, the interesting part is not where he disagree, but where he thought what Hewitt did […]

T-Salon on Tag

Andrea’s points on Tag: This whole new approach to aggregating distributed content across the internet, enabled by a new generation […]