Agreed left and right

Micah reviewed Hugh Hewitt’s book, the interesting part is not where he disagree, but where he thought what Hewitt did get right.

–“The information delivery systems in the United States have just experienced a revolution….Everyone is potentially a journalist, including your executive assistant and the messenger bike boy. Everyone could have a blog and a cell phone that can snap a picture of you to put on it.”

–“People’s attentions are up for grabs. Trust is being transferred.”

–“There is a better way to gain information than watching the tube; quicker, more specific, more emotionally satisfying.”

–“Since the consumers of news and information are hungry for reliable, unfiltered information on which to base decisions, they are open to new trustworthy sources of that information.”

–“Bloggers [perform] a cueing function, prompting people’s actions in hundreds of thousands of ways.”

–“[Mainstream media] can no longer control the battlefield, dictate who gets to participate, when stories are released and who has the final say. The public has the final say. There is no going back, only an endless effort to capture and keep audience based on credibility.”