David Kirkpatrick on blog and media

This is from Fortune last week.

“As RSS and related software get better and better, is why readers will ever want to go to a media company’s own website if they can craft their own out of the information feeds that they know are of most interest to them? Expect to see the very definition of the commercial media website evolve radically in the years ahead. ”

But blogs are not only mere repositories of words, they are the presenters of links. Each blog includes links to other web resources. And here is another way that blogs are having a major impact on the commercial press: the articles with the biggest buzz will increasingly be the ones that bloggers point to most. Blogs aren’t merely an alternative to the press or a critical commentary on it. They are symbiotic with it. And the software that enables blogging is getting so simple to use that almost anybody can use it. That’s why the power of this medium will grow over time.