IT, sixties and global civil society

“The information technology revolution has important roots in the sixties’ counterculture. It was triggered by a dramatic technological development — […]

Business model for blogging

Gayle sent this to you a while ago. “Technorati, a San Francisco research company, says there are about 2.5 million […]

Right place to live

When your Real Estate agent not only read the same book you did and also knows the author who lives […]

Power to the Edge

This is a new book by David Alberts and Richard Hayes. It is called “Power to the Edge : Command […]

Social Media List

Mary had a “social media” list. It is a useful starting point.



Cooperation lingual

This is just some keywords from IFTF’s conference last time: synchrony, symbiosis, group selection, catalysis, collective action, collective intelligence, and […]


五月的这期《书城》里有一篇《通往天堂的最后那一段路程》。作者虚托的白求恩大夫在回忆他的父亲: “他带领着我们庞大的家族从一个国家走到另一个国家,他总是在寻找一种新的语言、一种他听不懂的语言。生活在使用那种语言的人们的周围,他才有活下去的兴致。”

List of socialwares

How many social sofeware are there? Here is a list to start with: 1,Instant Messaging 2,Online Social Networks 3,Reputation Brokers […]