Howard’s speech

Here is Howard’s speech to the graduating class of Stanford Communication Department. He pointed to two positive examples: wikipedia and […]


知止而后有定,定而后能静,静而后能安,安而后能虑,虑而后能得。 --《大学》


Kites in the Sky 归来的船


“What’s the connection between Wi-Fi wireless networks, Weblogs and Web services? They are among the few technologies thriving amid the […]

Over the epistemological divide

Geogre Lakeoff‘s book Philosophy in the Flesh makes the following points: “The mind is inherently embodied. Thought is mostly unconscious. […]


是继续 也是开始


“我們今天要談的是部落格(Blog),這是網誌(Weblog)的別名。 …… 作者本身所進行的「格」,以及作者間形成的「部落」,正是「部落格」這隻當紅炸子雞背後的強大力量。” — Jedi, 2003.9.5

About wiki

Zheng had some thoughtful comments about wiki on his Klog. This goes together with yesterday’s conversation with Jerry. Eric Nash […]