Open-sourcing the news

CNET News: Can Internet volunteers improve journalism? Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy “Jimbo” Wales is out to find out. Wikipedia is a […]

Barthes’ words

为今晚做阅读准备,遭遇Barthes’ words: Truth always rests with the minority, and the minority is always stronger than the majority, because the minority […]

Extreme Blogging


Wikipedia Again

This article is from ongoing blog. “The Wikipedia’s process is profoundly different in that it has no end. Once you […]

Wiki profile

A profile for wiki, from Caslon Analytics.

Wiki as collaboration tool

From Globeandmail technology section: “Wiki technology, invented by Oregon programmer Ward Cunningham, is server software that allows users to quickly […]

Do Wikis Have a Place in the Newsroom?

“Wikipedia has more than 340,000 articles, written by a sprawling online community. Researchers are testing its veracity, while plans proceed […]

Wikis in Academia

Ross wrote on his blog: Brian Lamb has a great article on wikis in academia in EDUCAUSE Review. I didn’t […]

Wikipedia Reputation

Ross commented on Wikipedia’s reputation here. The core issue of collaborative editing, that of accuracy and trust, has reached a […]