Profit in Wiki Model?

“Even Jimmy Wales, who founded Wikipedia, is looking for ways to broaden — and profit from — the wiki concept. […]

The Savvy Post

Dan suggested to see this: last week announced the launch of a partnership with The deal allows us […]

History Flow

IBM’s history flow project: visualizing dynamic, evolving documents and the interactions of multiple collaborating authors. Most documents are the product […]

Wikipedia Inspiration

From Center for Media and Democracy: SourceWatch, a wiki-based investigative journalism resource to which anyone, including you, can contribute. Thanks, […]

International Symposium on Wikis

From Many-to-Many: ……first international symposium on wikis……will be held in San Diego in October. Ward Cunningham, the inventor and host […]

Jimmy Wales on Wikipedia

From Smart Mobs: Gary Lerhaupt, one of the students in our now-completed Stanford course on “Literacy of Cooperation,” has provided […]