Wikipedia Again

This article is from ongoing blog.

“The Wikipedia’s process is profoundly different in that it has no end. Once you get past that, it has strong points of similarity with conventional reference publishing; the articles are written by external contributors, then they are reviewed by one or more of the contingent of people who make it their business to do this, checking for style, basic adherence to facts, and so on. This is process is repeated—not with 100% reliability—every time an entry is updated. Put another way, entries are cooked, but neither killed nor frozen.

One really interesting part of the Wikipedia process is the person/place/thing naming issue. It’s handled cheaply and reliably by means of hyperlinks. No matter how many spellings there are for Mr. Qadhaffi’s name, there’s only one entry for the man himself, and an excellent level of consistency is achieved simply by getting the pointers right.”