Breaking away from the page metaphor

Bryan Alexander wrote: Rather than following the notion of the Web as book, they are predicated on microcontent. Blogs are […]

The Savvy Post

Dan suggested to see this: last week announced the launch of a partnership with The deal allows us […]

Visual tag map

On Seb’s Open Research, here is what he called “Social software programming challenge #2:” The linklogging system lets people […]

Social software reading list

Liz’s recommendation: mamamusings: social software reading list: * Emergence: The Connected Lives of Ants, Brains, Cities, and Software, by Steven […]

How Do You Use

From Smart Mobs: Many of you already know and use, this free social software web service for sharing web […]

Collaborative knowledge gardening

Jon Udell’s article: “with flickr and, social networking goes beyond sharing contacts and connections.” You were not impressed by the […]

Social Software reader

This from Many-to-Many workspace, a good resource list for a introduction of social software.