The Road Home

鳳飛飛 -《歸鄉路》
詞/晨曦 曲/劉家昌

望斷天涯路茫茫 無語問穹蒼
雲海深處雖有千層浪 難阻我歸鄉

夜已盡 天已亮 世事歷滄桑
迢迢山河 日月重光 切切在寄望

The Road Home

I try to set my sights beyond the far horizon
The road seems to extend forever
And is indistinct from the vastness of the earth
I can’t find the words to ask the heavens
True, there are thousands of waves deep in the sea of clouds
But nothing can stop my determination to return home

The night has run its course and the sky is alreadly dim
After experiencing all the vicissitudes of life
How eager I am
To once again see the mountains and rivers of my homeland
And the brilliance of the Sun and the Moon there