Unconventional economists and sociologists who study markets

Peter introduced some unconventional economists: “Examples of economists in this group include Bob Frank (interesting past books include _Passions within Reason_), Robert Shiller (_Irrational Exuberance_ – yes, he’s the guy who coined the phrase that was then used by Greenspan), Sam Bowles and Herb Gintis (formally of the famously heterodox econ department at U Mass Amherst, now associated with the Santa Fe Institute), Marcel Fafchamps (does quantitative empirical research on social capital in informal economies), and Ernst Fehr (so wonderfully talented and creative that he’s done work on everything from reciprocity to the hormone oxytocin).

Examples of sociologists doing great work on economic matters include Mark Granovetter, Ron Burt, Wayne Baker, and Brian Uzzi. Social network analysis and social capital are common themes among these sociologists.”