tagging vs folksonomy?

Liz’s question: Is this a reasonable statement to make? Tagging is the process of adding descriptive terms to an item, […]

The Savvy Post

Dan suggested to see this: washingtonpost.com last week announced the launch of a partnership with De.licio.us. The deal allows us […]


气息渐暖 岁末将至

Will Tagging Work?

Will Tagging Work?” John asked. Work or not, it will be a workshop on this for the upcoming WWW conference.

Tag & Catalog

From Drunk Dream: ……Catalog何以未能像Tag那样发挥社会化的效果,引发如此震动的社会现象,两者都有其固有的、内在的原因。 Tag从内容上看,是众所周知的经验和常识,从形式上看,是细化的碎片,这些和Catalog迥然不同的特点,正是Tag之所以发挥了社会化效应的内在合理性,也是Tag成为网络化软件外延必要组成部分之一的根本原因。