Tag & Catalog

From Drunk Dream: ……Catalog何以未能像Tag那样发挥社会化的效果,引发如此震动的社会现象,两者都有其固有的、内在的原因。 Tag从内容上看,是众所周知的经验和常识,从形式上看,是细化的碎片,这些和Catalog迥然不同的特点,正是Tag之所以发挥了社会化效应的内在合理性,也是Tag成为网络化软件外延必要组成部分之一的根本原因。

Group Rethink

Michael Fitzgerald wrote: The last several years have seen intense interest in developing technology that improves our connectedness (see “Tagging […]

T-Salon on Tag

Andrea’s points on Tag: This whole new approach to aggregating distributed content across the internet, enabled by a new generation […]

Folksonomies, Ontologies and Tags

Once again David talks about tags: When does ontological organization work? When you don’t have a lot of stuff, it’s […]

Technorati and related tags

From Joho the Blog: At the beginning of next week, Technorati will launch a new tag aggregation feature: When you […]

The Autumn of Knowledge

Dave wrote about Taxonomies and Tags: “The idea that knowledge is shaped like a tree is perhaps our oldest knowledge […]

Tagging Powerlaw

From Ascription is an Anathema to any Enthusiasm: Following up on something Clay mentioned the following chart plots the distribution […]

Flickr Graph, Tagging

“Tagging and Flickr in particular are starting to break out.” Check out John’s post on his Searchblog.

Tagging the Internet

On Wall Street Journal, Jeremy Wagstaff wrote: Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually find stuff on the Internet? […]