从窝子的争鸣文苑上看到一篇黄世明的文章: 我们在使用以往的网络沟通工具时,更多地是把网络仅仅作为工具来看待。由于bbs、msn、email客观上丧失了人的整体性,使得很多人在不同的工具上表达的内容和方式完全不同,但却无力整合。 个人blog实现了这种整合。正是由于这种整合,使得个人blog上展示了一个活生生的人,原先人在bbs、email、msn上分别割裂存在的不同侧面终于可以在个人blog上实现了统一。这种统一对于书写者可能仅仅是个整合,感觉只是其它工具功能的综合罢了,但对阅读者的感觉就完全不同。

Keso on RSS

关于RSS, Keso在这里讲的很到位: “未来,你可能需要通过RSS来阅读某些感兴趣的blog的最新帖子,监控eBay上某个物品的拍卖出价,Flickr上某张图片的用户评论,Google News的某个新闻关键字的订阅,UUZone上的某个朋友联系方式或某个约会的变动,等等,你不可能每天把所有这些网站全都浏览几遍。”

RSS: Show Me the Money

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RSS’s potential in Mobil phones

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RSS Feeds for Protest

“Artists and activists from The Screensavers group are organising a multimedia protest between users in New York and Europe during […]

Another article about RSS

Mark Pilgrim Wrote “RSS is a format for syndicating news and the content of news-like sites, including major news sites […]

RSS is….

Dave Winer said in his new blog on RSS. To him, RRS is… “1. A format. 2. Content management tools […]


There are many interpretations for RSS, this one is from the Essential Blogging Rich Site Summary (RSS) is a data […]