RSS’s potential in Mobil phones

This is from Sony Ericsson position paper – Mobile Web Initiative Workshop

“Push services are on the rise on the Internet, based on the de facto standard RSS. We believe that RSS has a great potential in mobile phones, as a technology to automatically provide updated content to users – accessing the Web without browsing .”

There are many ways of using the Web, in addition to browsing. Here are some examples of use cases, within two major trends.

* Music – In the next few years, music-phones will be as common as camera-phones are today. Music distribution services targeted at mobile phones will increase. The mobile Web can become an important platform for building over-the-air music download services, as well as various services for spreading information about new music.
Over-the-air download
Personal radio (streaming)
* Imaging – In 2005 virtually all phones have a camera, including cheap low-end phones which do not have so much memory. We also see a rise in the number of photo services on the Internet, where users can upload pictures to share with friends or order prints. These two things taken together – low-end phones with camera but small memory and the rise of online photo services – suggests there will be a need for mobile photo services.
Photo services
Photo album

The above cases have in common that the Web is viewed as an application-oriented platform instead of a document-oriented information network .