Folksonomies, Ontologies and Tags

Once again David talks about tags: When does ontological organization work? When you don’t have a lot of stuff, it’s […]


从Smart Mob上看到这篇介绍,有新意的,是Steven Strogatz谨慎的评论: “They’ve found something new here, but we don’t know yet whether it is a Rosetta stone that […]

Images of Networks

This is the image gallery of Self-Organized networks. And this is from Physics Department, University of Notre Dame.


继续读邓肯的《六度》。去年在桑塔费,马克介绍的是《链接》。现在接着上次(十二月十一号)的思路,似乎重要的不是Power Law,而是网路的阈值模型,因为博客网路的高联接度,更接近本质地说明信息在其中发生、传播和增殖的过程。