Organization of Counterhegemony

“What is threatening to authoritarian regimes is not the breakdown of legitimacy but the organization of counterhegemony: collective projects for […]


“努力追求民主的近代先贤们恐怕无论如何也想不到:进入21世纪的中国,不仅自由民主之花未能在中国大陆盛开,甚至连民主的普世价值都遭到了排斥!” - 王铁群

Specific concrete actions

Shanthi and Taylor wrote: “The issue of the Internet’s impact on authoritarian regimes is a subset of the larger question […]

Reason and Democracy

How does reason justify itself? ……If we believe in the importance of the universal human impulse to communicate, we have […]

From Cafe Strada

没有修辞学女教授 没有中国博客 也没有歌手 星期一上午十点 阳光,钟声,卡帕其诺 优美的法语让你感到亲切