The Culture of Connectivity and Immediacy

From The MediaCenter:

Opportunity abounds, faster than ever, to a greater panoply of users. A generation is coming that never knew life without PCs, cellular phones, TiVo and file access. A generation that can IM for hours, talk on cell phones and play interactive games with people all across the globe.

The bottom line is that technical and connected life becomes a bigger aspect of society, but that human interaction on a face-to-face basis cannot be replicated. We do not have Star Trek-like machines breaking down our molecules in order to transport us. We do have all sorts of virtual travel and interaction. Fax machines and scanners have nearly eliminated the need for parties signing contracts to be in the same place at the same time.

Human interaction will not change. Seeing someone in person at the same place will still be more tangible and sensual an experience than IMing, calling on a cellular/landline/VoIP phone, playing a game or sending an e-mail. What many may now consider virtual or abstract may, to coming generations of users of technology, be considered the norm, a regular day-to-day activity or event.