Ability to surveil

Just as the ability to read and write and freely communicate gives power to citizens that protects them from the […]

Freedom of opinion

In 1859, John Stuart Mill explained why freedom of opinion was good for society. “First, if any opinion is compelled […]

Mesh Forum

Do you want to be back in Chicago in Octorber? Here is a good reason to do so.

The paradox

While information systems and networking augment human powers of organizations and integration, they simultaneously subvert the traditional Western concept of […]

Key question

In a world characterized by simultaneous globalization and fragmentation, how to combine new technologies and collective memory, universal science and […]

No more “class struggle?”

In a post-industrial society, in which cultural services have replaced material goods at the core of production, it is the […]


Emeryville, 菠菜沙拉,Peter西藏的经历以及新的知识网路。 随意浏览,看到Karen Stephenson的Netform, 以及这本网路组织的书。