Weblog Journalism

How about Weblog Journalism? OK, some will say this is oxymoron. (like, Human Rights in China ;-)) Others may say, […]


It’s all started from the article, Dean Connection on NYT Sunday Magazine last weekend, when you saw Howard Rheingold‘s name […]

Dean’s Campaign

“This Dean campaign is modeled by the Internet.” You did not realize what this mean until you went to his […]

According to Rebecca

Rebecca Blood wrote in her “The Weblog Handbook” , page 19: “weblogs and journalisms are simply different things. What weblogs […]


记得Stuart 的问题是这样的:“如果选择过程一直在发生,那么我们怎样建立一个理论,能够同时包含自组织和选择过程?”据EDGE说,Brian Goodwin曾经提出过自然选择结合结构主义的想法,两者间有关系吗?

Name Game’

中文翻译这样处理好些 Paticipatory Journalism “参与新闻” Open-Souce Journalism “开源新闻” P2P Journalism “P2P 新闻” Interactive Journalism “互动新闻” Citizen Journalism “公民新闻” Personal Media 自媒体 […]

Reinventing Democracy?

This is Pierre Levy’s writing in the prologue of his book “Collective Intelligence”: “The fusion of telecommunications, informatics, the news […]

Name Game

This is an open question. Do we really want to use the J word at all? But let me just […]

Trust and Credibility

Nancy A. Van House 教授的研究领域有两个:数位图书馆和网络信息环境的信任问题 (the practices of trust in networked environmental information.) 她同时在做关于“Weblogs as Knowledge Communities”的研究。她是这样定义问题的: The Internet gives […]