The City

You said: “I’ll go to another country, go to another shore, find another city better than this one. Whatever I […]


危险并不是在前面 消息是假的

Che Fece … II Gran Rifiuto

To some people there will come a day when they must speak the great No or great Yes. Immediately it […]

Of Demetrius Soter (162-150 BC)

All of his hopes had come to naught! He had imagined deeds of great renown, ridding his homeland of the […]

Η Πόλις

  Είπες· «Θα πάγω σ’ άλλη γή, θα πάγω σ’ άλλη θάλασσα,   Μια πόλις άλλη θα βρεθεί καλλίτερη από αυτή.   Κάθε […]