My Interpretation

“Less strong, more dictatorial and more of its own kind than the world has mostly wanted to believe.”


投他 一票

Not about Bruce

“When there is freedom from mechanical conditioning, there is simplicity. The classical man is just a bundle of routine, ideas […]

The Power and The Powerless

He noticed: “…… huge holdings of foreign exchange, the wealth it adds yearly to the world economy and the promise […]


那疯狂的年代 教授失去了妻子和唯一的女儿 他把自己反锁在屋里 双手缠紧了高压电线 嘴唇动了动 眼睛一闭,用脚踢上了开关 短路的电流 烧掉了他的两个姆指 残缺的手 黑板上写下方程 88.11 Notre Dame