Stuck in Amsterdam

Futsal in Berkeley

* What’s the score Now?

* Who is the goali for goldensupershark?

* Where is luca? Middle-back?

– I think still 1-0.

* Score against goali is much more satisfying

– They r switching off goalies but luca hasn’t done it yet. I think they are keeping him out on purpose so he can score 🙂

* Who else on L’s team?

– Two new boys on super sharka are really good. Also Sebastian, sommers, nick, markotine

* Strong team. Too bad Lorenzo is not on.

– I think he will be but not here today

* Anyone on side line? U mean players?

– They are subbing one at a time, one extra player This team has strong defense.

* Summers, Sebastian and L are all very good at defense Do not know 2 new boys, but who is the extra player?

– It’s 4-0, luca and two new boys have scored Great.

* As I guessed:-) strong defence team If two new boys are good at rushing and shooting, then it is a very strong team

– There r 7 players, L, Sebastian, nick, markotine, sommers and two new ones, armado and sam

* L is better in the back then in the front, he is not aggressive enough, but he is very intelligent His best place should be in middle-back. Summers should be in side back. Sebastion can be front-middle. Markotine can be front or middle. Nick is a excellent middle fielder No really good forward in shark team. Lorenzo used to be good. But now he likes to hang out in the back If I coach I will train him to go back to the front or front- middle

– Luca just scored again

* Yes!!!!!

– Maybe you can help Shannon coach in spring

* I will.

– I hope these two new boys join the team, they r good

* Shannon may not be that familiar with these boys anymore, since she was not there in the fall

– She is here today

* Yes, shark needs forwards. If they can score, we definitely need them

* 4 vs 4 does not matter that much If 6 vs 6, especially there is a goali, position matters a lot Even indoor game

– Game over, getting lunch now

* Going to bed. What’s the final score?

– 4-0

* Big hug to our star. How’s T doing ? Coughing in daytime as well?