The New World of Planetary-Scale

“Start by asking yourself this question: assume you had a worldwide network of computers running a single application, in constant communication. What old problems could this new resource solve? What new applications can one imagine? What improvements to these existing infrastructures are required?”

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Just as the turn of the 20th century ushered in a new era in physics with the discovery of quantum mechanics, the turn of the millenium ushered in a new era of information technology with the emergence of wide-area collaborative computing platforms: the Grid and PlanetLab, to name two. Pure peer-to-peer systems such as Alan Kay’s Croquet wide-area operating system (formerly known as Tea) are also emerging. New applications which uniquely exploit these platforms have begun to appear:
* Education
* Wide-area collaboration
* Collaborative media, particularly in the humanities
* wide-area sensing applications in the sciences ….