Dyson and Fang

Why our universe is hospitable to life? Freeman Dyson talked on this subject on March 9, 2000 in Berkeley. You only knew this during the dinner with Fang in New York Chinatown last Friday. You talked about Six Degrees, Biocosm, Slashdot, SFI and Dyson’s Disturbing the Universe. He smiled and sent you this link two days later.

From Freeman Dyson’s speech in Berkeley:
The best popular account of the science that explains how the universe can be friendly to life is a book, “Creation of the Universe”, by the Chinese astronomers Fang Li Zhi and Li Shu Xian. The book was translated into English and published by World Scientific Publishing Company of Singapore in 1989. Fang Li Zhi is the famous dissident astronomer now living in exile in the United States. I particularly recommend Chapter 6, with the title “How Order was born of Chaos”. This tells the same story that I am telling you today, but with more detail and more depth.